1) Reference Images

2) Color Choice

3) Detailed Notes

Please provide as many reference images as possible. This is especially important for lesser known characters. This is vital for creating a plunger that best resembles what you have imagined. Front, side, and back views are highly recommended.

Please specify the colors to be used in the plunger. This is important for characters with several iterations and color schemes. Great examples of this are Frankenstein or Batman, who have several styles and color schemes.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions please include them in the "Additional Notes Section" below. Our goal is to create a plunger that you are going to be extremely happy with, so please as specific as possible to ensure there is no miscommunication.

On this page you can fill out a request for a quote for a custom 3D modeled, hand painted, shooter rod. Pricing varies based on project complexity. A hyper detailed plunger with many colors will cost more than a simple plunger with less colors as shown below...

To receive your custom quote please fill out the request form below. To ensure that you receive an accurate quote, please prepare the following information:

Create your own Pinball Shooter Rod